ALTANA Cultural Foundation's collection counts over 600 works by contemporary artists on the issue of nature. This leitmotif unites different international artistic positions to a lively and iconographically driven profile.

The single motives range from macrocosm to microcosm, from excursions into fauna to representations of man and animal, from impressive landscapes to perspectives on the vastness of the universe.

The collection presents established contemporary artists which proofs today's relevance of nature as an artistic sujet. The works in the collection document distinguished ideas of addressing nature in arts different techniques – painting, prints, collage, drawing, photography, video, installation, and sculpture.

ALTANA collection rose from ALTANA AG corporate collection and is the property of ALTANA Cultural Foundation, a non-profit limited liability company, since 2007.

Edward Burtynsky, Oil Spill #9, 2010
Günther Förg, Ohne Titel, 2007
Gotthard Graubner, Kissenbild (gelb), 1988/1990
Franz Gertsch, Gräser I, 1999/2000
Alex Katz, Path, 2006
Georg Baselitz, Teichrohrsänger, 1972
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