Culture – One Day. One Year. One Grade.

Together with artists, students set out to explore nature for one school year. Following a concept developed by ALTANA Kulturstiftung, schools have the possibility to offer KulturTagJahr during which they collaborate with artists from different disciplines. On a determined weekly day, the entire grade is only committed to artistic explorations – as a mandatory part of the school's itinerary.



KulturTagJahr is a cooperation of ALTANA Kulturstiftung, Frankfurt based foundation Polytechnische Gesellschaft, and Hessen's Secretary of Education. Institutionalised cultural partners are Ensemble Modern, The Forsythe Company, Schauspiel Frankfurt, and Frankfurt University of Music and Performing Arts.

“You experience a lot on the KulturTag,
you get connected to the arts.”

Ioannis, student in KulturTagJahr

“Thinking indepently, not writing tests, no pressure,
no grades, decide on your own.”

7th grade student in KulturTagJahr

KulturTagJahr – A film by Enrique Sánchez Lansch (Trailer)
from ALTANA Kulturstiftung on Vimeo.



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