The participating schools serve as models representing certain school types such as primary schools, integrated comprehensive schools, grammar schools, or fostering schools focussing on learning. Each school commits itself to join the project for several years. Because of this continuity, the projects leaves a significant impact and promotes the discussion on contemporary visual arts, music, literature/drama, and dance. KulturTagJahr changes each school's culture and connects students, teachers, and parents to contemporary arts as well as to ALTANA Kulturstiftung's meta-issue – the values of nature.


As of summer 2014, KulturTagJahr will be implemented in a Munich school for the first time. This educational philanthropy is delivered by Nantesbuch Foundation non profit limited liability – a sibling foundation to ALTANA Cultural Foundation which is based in Munich. In the future, the cultural center at Nantesbuch which is currently under construction will promote further educational programs conceived at large.


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