Since 2007 ALTANA Kulturstiftung presents its weekly education program KulturTagJahr at Hölderlin School – a school based in the same neighborhood as Museum Sinclair-Haus. The successful performance of KulturTagJahr leaves traces in the school's culture. There are not only visible remnants such as sound sculptures, artistic greenhouses, big scale linoleum prints, or an installation wall in the school's premises but the long term participation in the program changes school council and students.

Hölderlin school's KulturTagJahr is repeatedly inspired from nature observation in the Bad Homburg castle park and visits to ALTANA Kulturstiftung's Museum Sinclair-Haus. The 4th grade students frequently visit exhibitions and work with the means of visual arts, music, dance, and literature on the works of the collection and its focus on nature.

Performance Himmelwärts

Art, music, creative writing / acting and dance
June 3, 2016, 6:30 pm, Hölderlin-Schule, Bad Homburg
June 4, 2016, 4 pm, Hölderlin-Schule, Bad Homburg
The fourth classes of the Hölderlin-Schule in Bad Homburg have spent the Mondays of an entire school year exploring the subject of “sky” – inspired by the exhibition Himmelwärts (Skywards) at the Museum Sinclair-Haus. Together with artists and teachers, 90 students have developed ideas in the visual arts, music, creative writing, acting and dance. The results are presented after 35 “culture days”.
A project of the ALTANA Cultural Foundation and the Hölderlin-Schule Bad Homburg. Partners: the Ministry of Culture of Hessen and the Administration of the State Palaces and Gardens, Bad Homburg Palace and Palace Garden

„MusikGewächse – TanzGemälde"
KulturTagJahr 2010/11, Hölderlin School Bad Homburg

from ALTANA Kulturstiftung on Vimeo.

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