Educational activities deepen the cultural agenda of ALTANA Cultural Foundation – they open a sustainable approach to contemporary arts and nature for the people.

Education Arts & Nature especially allows children and young people to encounter artists of profile with whom they intensively work over a distinguished time period. The program aims at increasing the youths creativity and responsibility in confronting them with arts and nature and thus contribute to their personal development and character building.

The approach is transdisciplinary and involves artists from dance, music, literature, drama, and visual arts who offer the children and young people an extensive insight to countless cultural strategies. Partners of that cooperation are kindergartens, schools, universities, cultural institutions, and Hesse Secretary of Education. ALTANA Cultural Foundation networks with other foundations and initiates projects with academic partners to qualify its work in cultural education.

KulturTagJahr is a longterm transdisciplinary format of cultural education in schools. Students explore nature together with artists from various disciplines over the course of one school year. On one set day per week the entire form is allowed to explore aesthetically – and that as a mandatory part of the curriculum.


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