The studio is a space dedicated to artistic exploration and for practicing artistic techniques.

Inspired from visiting the contemporary arts exhibitions at Museum Sinclair-Haus, young people as well as adults access the possibility of working together with artists. The individual encounter and personal contact are core to this educational approach.


The studio offers professional equipment and is located on the top floor of the museum.
It offers an inspiring and welcoming environment for artistic challenges and a whole range of artistic techniques.

Both museum and studio focus on “nature“, which is why studio visitors frequently work in and on nature. The castle’s park right next door marks a spectacular opportunity to look for motifs and materials – and thanks to that, the studio is not only a place between arts and nature contentwise but also with regards to its location. The studio and the museum both are thinking and practicing spaces for the arts thanks to their transdisciplinary approach on music, literature, performance, and dance.


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