Museum Sinclair-Haus is ALTANA Cultural Foundation's venue for contemporary art at large. Generally, exhibitions focus on "Nature & Creation" – as does the ALTANA Collection. Solo shows on artists and themewise recurrences on visual arts from past centuries render its profile.

Sinclair House is a late-baroque ensemble and was refurbished following an initiative by Herbert Quandt. According to his will, the venue was handed to the cultural and philanthropic engagement of ALTANA AG. Since 2007, ALTANA Cultural Foundation proliferates and continuously increases this benevolence.

Isaak von Sinclair, born in Bad Homburg in 1775, endowed the museum's name. For a long time, Sinclair House at Löwengasse 15 was considered the birthplace of the very diplomat, writer, and close friend to Friedrich Hoelderlin. At the Vienna Congress, Sinclair represented the interests of Hessia-Homburg and its landgrave Friedrich V. von Hessia-Homburg.

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