The arts and nature are at the centre of ALTANA cultural foundation's activities; the foundation was established by entrepreneur Susanne Klatten in 2007. The foundation aims at delivering an active contribution to aesthetic education.

ALTANA Cultural Foundation presents changing exhibitions on the art of the 20th and 21st century at Museum Sinclair-Haus. ALTANA Collection covers over 600 works of contemporary international art on nature. The foundation's extended educational activities on arts and nature include a transdisciplinary program for children and the youth including visual artists, musicians, dancers, writers, actors, and actresses.

In 2012, Susanne Klatten founded another foundation as a non-profit limited liability company – Nantesbuch Foundation for the Arts and Nature. This foundation, too, is dedicated to the idea of increasing our awareness for the values of art, culture, and nature as well as to open a space of individual experience and flourishment for people in-between arts and nature – Foundation Nantesbuch non-profit limited liability.


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